Welcome to my personal blog. Please consider subscribing if you would like to make sure you receive updates. I have found substack to be what I’m looking for in a blog host since I have the ability to do multiple things with it as well as create other blogs that are more subject focused. My blog posts on my personal substack are my personal opinions/views on life and not necessarily that of my work place. It may be anything from a small blurb about my day, to an event, to something on my family, to an opinion about a topic of the day. I may even try podcasting since it’s a feature of substack as well.

I grew up in Muscatine, IA. Go Hawkeyes! I Graduated from Colorado Christian University in the year 2000 with a BA in Youth Ministry and minor in guidance counseling. I have full-time ministry experience as well as full-time sales and service experiences. I am a father of three sons from my previous marriage and by God’s wonderful grace I was remarried in 2015 to my sweet wife Becca. I enjoy anything Iowa Hawkeyes, basketball, internet marketing, football, listening to music, playing my guitar, blogging, reading, spending time with my family, spending time with friends, going to church, reading the Bible, end-times Bible prophecy.

“It is rational for any human being to naturally conclude in the existence of the divine. The observable and studied laws of nature demand such a conclusion, for it is impossible for order to come out of chaos. Regardless of age, environment, or experience, he who thinks has to believe.” —Dr. A.E. Wider-Smith

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Steve Blanchard

Husband. Father. Creator. Christian.